2017 – Sermons

Evangelism for Everyone in 2017

Lessons a Leper Had to Learn

The Prodigal Son – Pt 1 – Seeing the Ugliness of Sin

The Prodigal Son – Pt2 – Seeing the Beauty of God’s Forgiveness

The Prodigal Son – Pt3 – The Other Prodigal

Would You Recognize Jesus Today?

Facing Textual Giants: Matthew 24


Second Mile Christianity

What Makes a Good Local Church?

Spiritual Gifts – Nature and Purpose

Spiritual Gifts – Imparting and Duration

Lessons from the Philistines

Is That Blood On Your Hands?

The Other Two Crosses

Saved Like the Thief on the Cross

People You Might Be Surprised to See in Heaven

Do I Have to Forgive and Forget

Finishing Strong

The Danger of Anger

Where Is God?

Facing Textual Giants: Romans 9

NT Evidence for the Resurrection

Contending for the Faith – Pt 1

Contending for the Faith – Pt 2

A Better Man than David

Why Should I Pray?

How Should I Pray?

When Should I Pray?

What Should I Pray?

Have You Obeyed the Gospel?

To the Parents of the Prodigals

Five Sermons from a Drunk Preacher

Does God Want Me to Be Happy?

The Battle for Sexual Purity – Pt 1

The Battle for Sexual Purity – Pt 2

Helping Our Children Get to Heaven

Can a woman “speak” in church?

The Role of Women in the Local Church

Laying Up Treasures in Heaven

The Treasure of the Kingdom of Heaven


The Temptations of Jesus

Jacob’s Beautiful Wife

Contradictions in Stephen’s Sermon

A Look in the Mirror

Love Will Cover a Multitude of the Sins

Church Discipline – Pt 1

Church Discipline – Pt 2

The Prophet Who Lied and the Man who Died

Standing With Daniel

Surviving the Storm

Knowing God

How NOT to Study the Bible

How TO study the Bible

Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross

Helping God Lead Others to Heaven

Helping Satan Lead Others to Hell

An Invitation to Rest

How Can I Improve My Worship Experience

You Might Not Want to Go to Heaven

How to Give Correction

How to Receive Correction

What is Acts 2 Really About?

Reflections from a Deer Stand

Preparing for a Successful Gospel Meeting


What Is Written In Your Book?

Why Do Churches Die – Pt 1

Why Do Churches Die – Pt 2

Great Is Your Faith

Minor Prophets: Hosea

Minor Prophets: Joel

Minor Prophets: Amos – Pt 1

Minor Prophets: Amos – Pt 2

Minor Prophets: Obadiah

Minor Prophets: Jonah

Minor Prophets: Micah – Pt 1

Minor Prophets: Micah – Pt 2

Minor Prophets: Nahum

Minor Prophets: Habakkuk

Minor Prophets: Zephaniah

Minor Prophets: Haggai

Minor Prophets: Zechariah

Minor Prophets: Malachi