Elders Only

Below are sermons on the Holy Spirit that I have preached in Saratoga. I found an additional sermon that I preached in 2021 that I removed and added to this page as well. This website is not accessible to the public, only to you and anyone else whom you might choose to share it with.


Part 1: The Revealer and Authenticator of Scripture

Part 2: The Life Giving and Indwelling Spirit

Part 3: The Believer’s Teacher

Part 4: The Helper and Comforter

Part 5: Sanctification by the Spirit

Part 6: Walking by the Spirit

Part 7: The Empowering Spirit


9-12-21 – Be Filled with the Spirit


Part 1 – Who Is the Holy Spirit?

Part 2 – The Promise of the Spirit’s Coming

Part 3 – The One Who Will Baptize with the Holy Spirit

Part 4 – The Holy Spirit in Acts 2

Part 5 – The Holy Spirit in Acts 8 and 10

Part 6a – Stirred Up By the Spirit – Pt 1

Part 6b – Stirred Up By the Spirit – Pt 2

Part 7 – Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

Part 8 – Filled with the Spirit

Part 9 – The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

Part 10 – How Does the Holy Spirit Work Today?